Yummy Pack Workshop @ Boutique Fairs Singapore


Let's Eat! @ Boutique Fairs 2019

Let’s Eat! Is a tactile installation inspired by Singapore’s Food Heritage to teach Phonics.

This installation was created to celebrate the launch of our book “ABCs Of Singapore”, which is based on the Jolly Phonics programme, in created with Curious Thoughts Academy. As you and your child interact with the various local food sculptures, find yourselves immersed in the world of letter sounds! Have a yummilicious time with us in a larger-than-life “Singaporean Kitchen”! This tactile installation is bound to whet your appetites, as you and your child interact with soft sculptures that are inspired by Singaporean dishes.

❤ In this season of giving, our proceeds from this event will go towards sponsoring Curious Thoughts Giving’s free Phonics classes for children from less privileged background.

Activities for you and your child includes:
* Workshops & free activities
* Interactive installation for children to immerse themselves in
* Storytelling

Small gifts for your loved ones!
* Lovely earrings inspired by “ABCs of Singapore” book
* In partnership with @frillthrill_

Paid Workshop (60min)

“Yummy Pack!” Satchel and Brooch

Be inspired by our local dishes and learn how to apply elements of art in doodling yummy delights onto a satchel. Put the finishing touch on this satchel by decorating a wooden brooch and you will get to bring home your work!

• $35
• Satchel A5 size
• Brooch 10 x 10cm

All materials will be provided
Suitable for age 4 and above
*Proceeds will go to charity to fund the development and publication of subsequent Phonics books for more beneficiaries to use at home.

*Pictures are for illustration purposes only

Free Activities (15min)
1) Local Delights inspired Ornament, Coasters & Pouch
This free activity will be conducted by our partner, Sew Fun!
Try out sewing onsite with Sew Fun to create your very own Ornament, Coasters & Pouch!

2) Colouring Station (Ingredients in our Local Dishes)
This is an interactive activity! You can be our co-creator to help us fill up our huge plate of noodles with your coloured ingredients!
• A5 worksheet (ingredients)
• 3 years old and above


About Sew Fun:
Sew Fun is the product of our dedication to share our knowledge and love for fabric and sewing. Nestled in our sewing studio in Sin Ming, Sew Fun offers a range of structured and well-paced classes, suitable for various skill levels.

Our instructors are set apart by their real industry experience and extensive knowledge on the craft of sewing, and will give you lots of care and guidance.

For more information:

Contact Number: 69090821

Art Wonderland is an exciting new space, put together by the people behind The Amazing Art Shuttle. With almost a decade of experience in Singapore's Art Education scene, Art Wonderland was conceived as a space to push forward exciting and innovative Art teaching methods and experiences.

Our curriculum is based n Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences and promotes integrated learning of concepts such as numeracy, literacy and discovery of the world through the Arts.
Nov 15 - Nov 17, 2019
[ Fri ] - [ Sun ]
10:00 AM - 8:00 PM SGT
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1 Republic Blvd, Singapore 038975
Yummy Pack (15 Nov, 10am) SOLD OUT $35.00
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Yummy Pack (17 Nov, 3pm) SOLD OUT $35.00
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